Chef Salad Tray                                                                          Deviled Eggs                                                                               Executive Tray
                                        8 persons minimum

EXECUTIVE TRAY                                                              $5.29 / person 
A popular crowd pleasure! Fresh deli sandwiches including
(ham, turkey, cheese,  tuna salad, chicken salad)  served with
your choice of bread.

DELUX DELI TRAY                                                             $6.29 / person
Our most executive tray! A tempting assortment of our famous
Muffaletta, double-Decker "Hollywood club" and fresh deli sub.

GREEK SALAD                                                                      $6.99 / person
Super salad topped with feta cheese and a side of hot pita bread.

SHAWARMA SALAD                                                           $7.99 / person
Greek salad topped with your choice of meat.

FRESH FRUIT SALAD                                                         $2.99 / person  
FRESHLY BAKED COOKIES                                            $8.99 / dozen  
FRESHLY BREWED ICED TEA                                       $8.99 / gallon
LEMONADE                                                                           $8.99 / gallon
                     LUNCH BOXES​​​​​​​
                                        8 persons minimum

THE HOLLYWOOD BOULEVARD                                         $8.49 each
Fresh deli  sandwiches, potato/macaroni salad, fresh
fruit salad cup, a kosher pickle spear and a gourmet cookie.

THE SUNSET BOULEVARD                                                     $7.99 each
Fresh deli sandwiches, bag of chips, fresh fruit salad cup,
a kosher pickle spear and a gourmet cookie.

THE MELROSE AVENUE                                                          $6.99 each
Fresh deli sandwiches, bag of chips, kosher pickle spear
and gourmet cookie.

BROWN BAG                                                                                  $5.99 each
Fresh deli sandwiches, bag od chips and a gourmet cookie.